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For the first two days of the New Year 28 people perished in fires in Ukraine!

Published: 04.01.2019, 10:27

It is very unfortunate that the start of the new 2019 year is a sad antirecord. 28 people died in fires in the residential sector during January 1 and 2. As usual, the main cause of this misfortune is its own neglect of citizens, as well as deliberate neglect of fire regulations

In particular, only on Chernihiv region on January 1, 3 people died in fires: in the regional center, in the Vyshneve village of Ripky district and Borzna town.

January 2, Luhansk region, during fire fighting in the building in Svobody street of Stanitsa Luhansk Town, fire fighters found a body of a deceased man born in 1978.

In Donetsk, a tragedy occurred in Beydy Hero street in Granite Town of Volnovakha District. There was a fire in a private house, during which the body of the deceased woman was found.

On the same day in the Blahovishchenske Town of Kirovohrad region, a fire took life of a citizen born in 1938, while in the city of Perechyn of the Transcarpathian region, a 58-year-old woman was seriously injured while burning garbage.

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, and in order not to be clouded by extraordinary events, the rescuers emphasize the strict observance of the fire regulations in the apartments. During this period, it is necessary to pay special attention and responsibility to the use of candles, stove and gas heating, and also to necessarily monitor the state of the grid. Otherwise, the tragedy can not be avoided.

Dear citizens!

The State Service of Ukraine for Emergencies calls on everyone to strictly observe the rules of fire safety. Almost every fire can be prevented!

Remember! Only observing the elementary rules of fire and personal safety will save your life and property from fire. Let's, nevertheless, meet the Christmas holidays safely and without emergencies!

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