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Transcarpathian rescuers together with Czech colleagues take care of the safety of tourists in the mountains.

Published: 05.04.2019, 12:22

On April 5, representatives of the Hetman's Office of the Pardubice Region of the Czech Republic handed over 150 information labels to Transcarpathian Mountain Rescuers to establish them at the rescue points of tourists in the Carpathians. One of them has already been installed on the city of Plisha in Uzhgorod district.


 Today, Chief of Transcarpathian rescuers Roman Hudak met with foreigners Zdenek Skarupoy and Alesso Bonyatovsky. Roman Hudak thanked Czech colleagues for the implementation of this joint project, which concerns the safety of citizens during rest in the Carpathians, and also expressed hope for further cooperation between the rescue services of the Pardubice region of the Czech Republic and the Transcarpathian region.


 Already during April-June these   information labels will be installed on all major tourist destinations in the region.


 We remind that within the framework of a joint Ukrainian-Czech project, rescue points are installed in the mountains, in places that are most visited by tourists, for example, hut, houses of shepherds, trees, stones, etc. They will be equipped with information labels with emergency services. Each label will be assigned the corresponding number and GPS coordinates, which will determine the rescuers' search area for tourists or their exact location.


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